I believe there are small minuscule moments in our life that may seem like nothing at the time.But looking back, reflecting, all of those small moments will always align to the now. When it rains it pours. But you can sit in sorrow, or you can dance in the rain. There is no door that closes, without another one opening. heavy on the heart. is composed of Nikki Wilmes on vocals and Costas Themistocleous (ex PRSNA) on production & arrangement. The 2 piece rock outfit will head into Sound Acres Studio on 9/1/2021 to begin production on their debut EP “It’s You That Needs To Think”.

While generally speaking being “undermanned”, the duo are confident in the ability of this project to grow without being constricted to one direction. “When we first started writing songs, we were playing around with all different sounds, moods and genres. I think it’s exciting to go back and revisit those avenues.” states Nikki Wilmes

“I think the beauty of this project is that while you the face of 2, there is so many people behind heavy on the heart. While you see 2, that is not to say you won’t see 3, 4, 5 down the line. There’s room to grow with no set direction.” adds Costas Themistocleous

Many people behind heavy on the heart. indeed. “It’s You That Needs To Think” was written over the course of a 10 week period beginning in May 2021.

Production begins September 1, 2021 with producer Gary Cioni at Sound Acres Studio.

Special Thanks to Matt Lagatutta (Middleneck, Sweet Avenue, Flying Carpet Studio), Matt Weber (A Great Big Pile of Leaves), Gary Cioni, Cassandra Levine, Thomas Angenbroich, Ramiro Lopez and Sam Trestman.

2021 Riffsville Records.

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Video Edited by Costas Themistocleous at Duffy 360 Studio


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